KampongKu Curry Fish Paste


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Perk up your day with a delicious meal of Curry Fish

Who could resist a meal of aromatic curry fish served with steamed rice? Or a breakfast which pairs roti canai (roti pratha) with fish curry, a very popular breakfast in Malaysia. This Malaysian favourite is usually cooked with tomatoes and lady’s fingers (okra) which complements each other and brings out its best flavours.

KampongKu Curry Fish Paste delivers all the delicious goodness of Malaysian hometown fish curry in a convenient cooking paste, making this all-time favourite so easy to prepare in the comfort of your own home.

A unique ingredient added to this paste is torch ginger flower (“bunga kantan”). If you find this in a dish, it means you’ve discovered truly authentic Malaysian food. The torch ginger flower is close to Malaysians’ hearts and taste buds, as it’s what gives many iconic Malaysian dishes their distinctive taste.

Crafted for consistent results, every time: 

Requires NO oil, salt, sugar or additional spices

Just add or reduce water for the perfect consistency

FREE delivery for orders over RM50(W.Msia) / RM120(E.Msia)