KampongKu Garlic Black Pepper Fried Noodles

Bundle (95gm x 4 packets)


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A marriage of exquisite flavors, garlic and black pepper

Black pepper and garlic happen to be a delicious combination of flavours that we Malaysians love in fried noodles. We love our stir-fried noodles, easy to prepare, yet oh… so tasty! This is food that reminds us of our rich Asian heritage.

Inspired by tradition, KampongKu Garlic Black Pepper Noodles are infused with Sarawak black peppercorns, which are among the best in the world, known for their bold flavour. Our generous amounts of fried garlic bits will make it a truly satisfying meal for fans of garlic. The final surprise to complete the blend of flavours and texture are our roasted sesame seeds. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Includes specialty ingredients you can feel and taste:

Sarawak black pepper
Fried garlic bits
Roasted sesame seeds

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